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Unangax & Alutiiq (Sugpiaq)

The Alaska Native Heritage Center collection showcases all of the indigenous cultures in Alaska. There are tools, watercraft, clothing, pieces of art, drums and more. See these Items on display in the Hall of Cultures.

Unangax & Alutiiq/Supiaq

1. 2001.002.009-Mask

Created by:  Alfred Naumoff, Jr.
Culture:  Alutiiq
Materials: Wood, Pigment.

Description:  Alfred Naumoff, Jr, an Alutiiq artist, created this traditional mask. The mask is painted in three sections: the top half of the mask is white, decorated with blue and red vertical strips and circles; a mint green color is painted across the eyes, and the lower half of the piece is painted a reddish brown color, decorated with white circles. Protruding from around the mask are wooden tabs.

 2.  2001.002.019-Adz

Created by: Doug Inga, Sr.
Materials: Wood, Pigment, Stone, Leather
Culture: Alutiiq

Description:  Doug Inga, Sr, an Alutiiq artist, created this elbow adz. This piece has a wooden handle that is dyed red with black markings on it.  The underside of the head of the adz is decorated with a face that has been carved with black markings. 

3. 2002.002.008A-B-Basket

Created by:  Pauline Dushkin
Culture: Unangax
Materials: Grass, Thread

Description:  This intricately designed Unangax, or Aleut, grass basket, with lid was created by Pauline Dushkin.  The 3/8” lid is encircled with 14 blue and gold flowers; this lid hangs over the rim of the basket. The body of the basket is a cylindrical shape; with 21 flowers woven throughout the top row.  In the center are 20 geometric designs of dark blue thread with gold centers. The bottom row has been constructed with an open weave and has 20 blue flowers.

4.  2002.013.001-Tunic 

Created by:  Mary N. Bourdukofsky
Culture:  Unangax
Materials: Fur Seal

Description:  Mary Bourdukofsky, Unangax,  created this reversible fur seal tunic. Traditionally the hide side is worn outward, emphasizing that the strips of the seal’s fur decorate tunic.

5. 2001.001.009 and 2001.001.010-Qayaq Model (Aleut – Unangan:  Uluxta)

Created by: Mike Livingston    
Culture: Unangax
Materials: Wood, Sealskin, Pigment

Description:  Mike Livingston, Unangax artist, created this traditional qayaq model. The Unangax, or Aleut, are world-renowned for their skill in building the iqyax, a single hatch kayak, and ulaxtax, a double hatched kayak. This particular model is made of a single piece of driftwood.  It was designed to show the exterior form of an ulaxtax, with the idea that the traditional style would consist of driftwood form and sealskin covered hull.

6. 2004.008.001-Bowl

Created by:  Doug Inga, Sr.
Culture: Alutiiq
Materials: Wood, Pigment, Beads

Description: Doug Inga, Sr., Alutiiq artist, created this One Bear bowl. The head of the bear distinguishes the front of the bowl, while the tail is the back. The piece has four rows of black stripes from the head to tail on the inside of bowl, five sets of  double beads at the midpoint, and beads that are used for the eyes of bear. Red and black alternate throughout the piece, with a row of natural wood on the rim.

7. 2006.022.001-Painting

Created by:  Helen Simeonoff, Alutiiq
Culture:  Alutiiq
Materials:  Watercolor, Paper, Pigment.

Description:  Helen Simeonoff, Alutiiq artist, is known for her vibrant watercolor work. This original watercolor piece is a cod , which has been uniquely painted. The painting has purple, blue, green, gray, orange, and brown flowing throughout the image. The waves and bubbles around a fish vividly illustrate the natural feeling of Alaska.

8. 2004.002.004-Bolo

Created by:  Peter Lind, Sr.
Culture: Alutiiq
Materials:  Teeth, Sinew, Seal Gut, Thread, Feathers.

Description: Peter Lind, Sr., Alutiiq artist, created these tradtional walrus teeth bolos. This bolo is twisted with synthetic sinew lines that are attached to the seal gut handle.  The handle is decorated with red and blue thread and three ptarmigan feathers.