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The Alaska Native Heritage Center collection showcases all of the indigenous cultures in Alaska.  There are tools, watercraft, clothing, pieces of art, drums and more.  See these Items on display in the Hall of Cultures.


1. 2001.002.007- Figurine
 Athabascan doll

Created by:  Ellen Savage
Culture:  Athabascan
Materials:  Beads, Beaver Fur, Hide and Felt, Wood

Description:  This is a traditional Athabascan doll with a beaded parka that is fringed across the shoulders and hemline.  She is wearing beaded mittens trimmed with beaver fur.  In her right hand she is holding a woven, pink, blue, white, and yellow basket.  Her beaded boots are made of hide and felt.  She is mounted on a wooden stand.

2. 2001.002.031-Basket
 Athabascan Basket

Created by:  Daisy Demientieff
Culture:  Athabascan
Materials:  Birch Bark, Pigment

Description:  This beautiful birch bark basket by master maker Daisy Dimientieff is woven with off-white and either blue or green woven ornamentation around upper edges, and descending into interior of basket.

3. 2002.015.005A-B-Moccasins
 Athabascan Boots by Charlie Pardue

Created by:  Charlie Pardue
Culture: Athabascan
      Materials:  Moose Hide, Beads

Charlie Pardue made and decorated these moccasins with  colored beads in floral and leaf patterns. 

4. 2003.001.002-Hair Ornament
 Athabascan beading

Created by:  Selina Alexander
Culture: Athabascan
Materials:  Moosehide, Caribou Tufting, Beads, Dentalium Shells, Bone

Selina Alexander is one of the most talented in the art of caribou tufting.  This hair ornament is made of moosehide with three flowers of blue caribou tufting and bone pin.  There are seed beads on the edge and a moosebone pick with a beaded leather fringe with dentalium shells pierces the oval.

5. 2004.021.001-Painting
 Painting by Sonya Kelliher-Combs

Culture:  Athabascan/Inupiaq
Created by:  Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Materials:  Acrylic polymer, nylon net, walrus stomach, paper, polyurethane, and ply wood

This painting, Blue Catch, is by Inupiaq/Athabascan artist Sonya Kelliher-Combs.  It is made of acrylic polymer, nylon net, walrus stomach, paper, and polyurethane.  This two dimensional mixed media painting on a ¼’ ply wood panel. 

6. 2001.013.001-Logo

Created by:  Karen Rifredi
Culture: Athabascan/Yup’ik
Materials:  Porcupine Quills, Moose-skin

Description:  Karen Rifredi, an Athabascan/Yup’ik artist, created this porcupine quill on moose-skin piece, which is inspired by the logo of the  Alaska Native Heritage Center.

7. 2007.006.001-Mask
 Mask by Kathleen Carlo-Kendall

Created by:  Kathleen Carlo-Kendall
Culture:  Koyukon Athabascan
Materials: Basswood, Feathers, Pigment, Copper, and Brass Tacks

Description:  Kathleen Carlo-Kendall, a Koyukon Athabascan artist, created this vibrantly colored yellow cedar mask   The artist used a variety of colors on this uniquely designed piece: patination green, light ochre, light blue, and a natural white.  The materials on the mask include: milagros shapes coming out of the moth, rounded copper tacks on top of the head and flat irregular shaped copper tacks on the left check and right side of the head. There are eight black feathers with copper-painted dots.