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The Alaska Native Heritage Center collection showcases all of the indigenous cultures in Alaska. There are tools, watercraft, clothing, pieces of art, drums and more. See these Items on display in the Hall of Cultures.

Eyak / Tlingit / Haida / Tsimshian

1. 2001.002.044-Bowl

Created by:  Frank Perez
Culture: Tsimshian
Materials: Wood, Abalone Shell.

Description:  Frank Perez created this smoothly carved wooden cedar dish. The dish has been designed with abalone on both handles.

2. 2003.005.001-Basket

Created by:  Diane Douglas-Willard
Culture: Haida
Materials: Red and Yellow Cedar Bark.

Description:  Diane Douglas-Willard created this open weave basket made of red cedar bark with spruce root warps.  The twined “T” pattern characterizes the top edge. The handles are intricately braided and carved with an ivory frog, complete with blue beads on the inside end of one strap. 

3. 2001.001.008A-E-Haida Canoe Model

Created by:  Wayne Price
Culture:  Tlingit
Materials: Red Cedar, Pigment.

Description:  Wayne Price, Tlingit artist, created this Haida style, or northern style canoe. The abundant supply of red cedar trees in the surrounding forest allowed the Haida to produce unparalleled watercraft.  It was common for other Native groups on the Northwest Coast to commission the Haida to make their canoes. Traditional uses for canoes included hunting, fishing, attending potlatches, and traveling.

4. 2003.004.001A-B-Drum

Created by:  Rose Anderson
Culture: ?
Materials: Wood, Rawhide, Black and Red Pigment.

Description:  Rose Anderson, created this tambourine style drum, which is made of rawhide that stretches over a round wood rim.  The rawhide wraps around to the back, where it is pierced and joined to the center of the drum. Traditional colors of the Tlingit culture, black and red, are used on the image of the  fish and a killer whale.  A wooden dowel with a padded leather head serves as a beater.

5. 2004.017.002-Hat

Created by: Judy Helgeson
Materials: Red Cedar, Pigment.

Description:  Judy Helgeson created this red cedar plaited and woven hat. The rim of the hat is hand painted. The Tlingit design is of an Eagle facing a Raven.  The Raven has a sun or moon in its mouth.  The colors that are used are turquoise, black, red, and brown.  The top row of the hat is dyed a bluish color.

6. 2004.023.001-Box

Created by:  David A. Boxley
Culture: Tsimshian
Materials:  Cedar Wood, Cedar Braided Rope and Pigment.

Description:  David Boxley created this Tsimshian designed bentwood cedar box and red lid. The cedar rope handle is complete with a carved toggle.  The rim has been carved to flare outwards from the narrow base.  The designs that are on all sides of the box  are of an octopus eating a crab, a human face, a cockle shell and a salmon.

7. 2005.003.001-Fishhook

Created by:  Paul Marks
Culture: Tlingit
Materials:  Yellow Cedar, Spruce Root, Ivory

Description:  Paul Marks, Tlingit name, Kinawdineek, is an artist from Yeil Heit, or Raven House. He created this traditional  piece, which consists of three main components that are tied together with roots.  There is an added dorsal fin.  The killer whale is incised throughout and has a 1/8" hole drilled through the tail section, 5 3/4", from the end of hook.  The ivory point is 4" long, and is attached by root and resin. Paul states, “Traditionally they used a wolverine fibula, they were designed to catch a certain size halibut. This one will catch a fish less than 40 pounds. It is a conservation-minded tool. It has a keet (killer whale) design.”