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Throughout all of our work, contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations make a significant difference in the impact of our programming. The Center's Annual Fund is a critical part of our operations and makes possible our art, language, and dance classes; our after school program; and our summer internship.


Please consider making a generous donation to the Annual Fund at this time, your gift will make all of the difference. Your support of the Alaska Native Heritage Center, with a gift to the Annual Fund, will help us to continue to make a difference in lives of young people here in Anchorage.   DONATE

Recognition is not given until it is ran however payment is still received.

•    $25 is enough to purchase a new sport jersey t-shirt for one Alaska Native athlete;
•    $75 is enough to cover the materials for one week of our Alaska Native Art class;
•    $150 is enough to cover the cost of a new drum for our Alaska Native Dance class;
•    $200 is enough to provide facility rental space for one hour Alaska Native Language talking circle;
•    $450 is enough to cover one week of transportation costs for high school students in our after school program;
•    $1000 is enough to cover the cost of two weeks of summer internship for one intern.

Become an Annual Fund Donor

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a nonprofit organization supported by people like you. Together with friends, families, corporations and foundations you help provide significant support for the Center’s top priorities in preserving, sharing and perpetuating Alaska Native traditions, languages and values. With your gift to the Annual Fund you play a vital role in ensuring that Alaska Native culture and traditions can be carried on for generations. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We hope you will help us keep the rich traditions of Alaska’s First People alive.

To become a donor, please contact our Major Gifts & Development Officer, Shyanne Beatty, by e-mail or (907) 330-8071.  Donate online here.