Alaska Native dancer in costume including traditional mask.

Alaska Native Heritage Center COVID-19 Response

On behalf of the Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) Board and Staff, we hope you are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic is a community-changing reminder of just how precious life is and how unexpected emergencies have the potential to disrupt both our professional and personal routines.

In response to the situation and as advised by health officials, ANHC leadership has decided to adapt its operations to contribute to the safety and protection of our community.

ANHC’s administrative offices will remain open; however, per CDC recommendations, we are limiting face-to-face meetings. As in recent years, ANHC is closed to the public for the fall and winter season. Currently, our tentative plan is to re-open ANHC on Mother’s Day (May 10th), as we have done every year since 1999.

At ANHC, we aim to balance two priorities: We seek to continue our work of fulfilling our mission to the greatest extent possible, while also keeping our communities safe and healthy statewide. As such, ANHC will increase our use of digital platforms to engage with the public.

Although we anticipate a significant impact on our summer season, this experience has provided an opportunity for ANHC leadership to carefully re-evaluate our needs in order to strategically move forward building short- and long-term sustainability for ANHC.

In the spirit of our Ancestors, we will continue to adapt to the world around us and be in service to our community.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (907) 330-8000 or by email at