ANHC 12 Days of Christmas!

Welcome to the Alaska Native Heritage Center’s 12 Days of Christmas!

In an effort to help support Alaska Native Artists in such a challenging year, ANHC has created a virtual and safe holiday shopping extravaganza where you can win daily prizes and uplift our Alaska Native Artists this Holiday season! 

Each day, from December 7th-18th, we will connect you to Alaskan Artists representing 12 diverse cultural groups and their distinctive regional art styles; where you can be sure to find those wonderful and unique items for your holiday gifts.

Learn more about our 12 artists below! 

Our 12 Artists

Raven Cunningham – Learn More
Jerrod Galanin – Learn More
Janine Gibbons – Learn More
Buffy Meyer – Learn More
Moses “Uksuq” Wassilie – Learn More
June Pardue – Learn More
Sophia Stevens-Rustad – Learn More
Michelle Cika and Amy Sparck – Learn More
Clifton Guthrie – Learn More
Elizabeth Rexford – Learn More
Barbara and Robert – Learn More
Aassanaaq “Ossie”