Alaska Native youth practice Native sports events in the Alaska Native Heritage event space.


Alaska Native Heritage Center



Main Office: (907) 330-8000
Gift Shop: (907) 330-8009
Fax: (907) 330-8030


Monday – Friday | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed for select days.

SUMMER 2022:
Tuesday-Saturday | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Our Team

Emily EdenshawPresident and CEO(907) 330-8059
Nikki GrahamDirector of Operations(907) 201-7294
Kelsey WallaceDevelopment and Communications Director(907) 330-8071
Jeff HansellDirector of Facility Maintenance, Safety and Transportation(907) 330-8008
Jennifer McBrideFinance Director(907) 330-8054
Nicholas WiederholtAssistant Controller(907) 201-9667
Kavon VanxayHR Admin & Accounting Clerk(907) 802-0586
Gabbie FergusonExecutive Assistant(907) 201-2475
Rinah Fifield  Events Manager (907) 330-8003
Mike Kashevarof Events Coordinator(907) 330-8004
Cheri AlstromFacility Rentals Admin(907) 802-0905
Rachel RustonProject and Communications Manager(907) 802-0959
Elle Marie Manager of Indigenous Training and Outreach(907) 330-8071
Michelle TrefonCultural Program Manager(907) 330-8042
Paul AsicksikCultural Program Manager(907) 330-8015
Andrew Weaver    Cultural Bearer Lead  (907)-330-8091
Angie Demma     Curator of Collections and Exhibits (907) 330-8067
Savanna Von ScheeleCuratorial Apprentice(907) 330-8067
Gregory StewartSenior Manager of Programs(907) 802-0441
Benjamin JacukUnguwat- Program Manager, Indigenous Researcher(907) 201-2640
Tatiana TicknorUnguwat Resilience & Connections Program Coordinator(907) 330-8051
Sean WilliamsEglertuq Program Manager(907) 201-7284
Marilyn BallutaEglertuq Program Coordinator(907) 802-0445
Alice HisamotoCultural Programs Manager-IIakucaraq Project(907) 802-0250
Hannah HamiltonProgram Coordinator-C&E(907) 330-8037
Veronica BoergerTiamuna – Program Manager(907) 330-8066
Taylor HurlburtTiamuna Family Liaison(907) 330-8063
Will PetersonAmeriCorps VISTA – Grants Management(907) 201-7749
Krista DanielsCh’k’iqadi Gallery Lead(907) 330-8009

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