Perpetuating our ways of life.
Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism
in Alaska

Cultural Tourism in Alaska takes on many forms. It can be Native and tribally owned businesses, cultural centers, and museums; it might be Native artists and storytellers; it may be unforgettable Alaskan excursions, like walking tours, cruises, guided hunting and fishing; it could be unique experiences with Native foods and arts. However, the heart, the root of cultural tourism, is much more than that. It’s the perpetuation of our ways of life.

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The Importance of Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is healing; it is language revitalization; it is the accurate telling of Alaska Native history; it’s our youth knowing they are part of a community that is living and vibrant, with a robust future, and that we have had and still have a powerful story and experience to share. In its simplest form, cultural tourism in Alaska creates a space for the Alaska Native community to learn more about their own cultures by sharing our traditions, stories, values, knowledge, and ways of life.

Cultural Tourism is alive and growing in


Cultural tourism exists in every region in our state. Although some communities are more invested than others, cultural tourism is alive and growing. For the last several years, the Alaska Native Heritage Center has proudly co-led a statewide cultural tourism workgroup dedicated to identifying cultural tourism successes and barriers. We have worked with our partners across Alaska to enhance cultural tourism businesses’ capacity building at a community level. 

Our Role in the


Our work drives Alaska's economy while raising its global profile, strengthens communities, and fosters cultural connection. ANHC has also secured federal funding to develop Alaska's first statewide 5-year Native cultural tourism plan and its first Economic Impact Report. Join us in reshaping Alaska's tourism industry to reflect our true history and vibrant cultures. We Invite you to work in partnership with us to reshape Alaska’s tourism industry to reflect our true history and ways of life.