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The Importance of Donations

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, for believing in our mission to preserve and strengthen the traditions, languages, and arts of Alaska’s Native Peoples through statewide collaboration, celebration, and education. Our programs have the power to shape our future, and this belief is what guides and inspires the important work we do year after year. Your monetary support is critical in our mission-driven work.


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The Impact of Giving

Cultural Tourism Interns & Ambassadors

Our Cultural Tourism Summer Internship creates a life-long impact on Alaska Native youth, but the cost for just ONE summer intern is over 10,000 dollars. Every single dollar counts, and with your support, we can continue to provide meaningful experiences for Alaska Natives across the state for years to come.


Utilizing our cultural values to increase community impact in preventing suicide, improving mental health, and reducing the impact of substance abuse in Alaska Native and American Indian youth of all ages and genders.


Using the strength and power of songs, dances, art forms and ways of life to assist relatives who struggle with addiction, homelessness, re-entry from incarceration and reconnection to culture. Our intention is to create community events and programs utilizing a strength-based approach.


Continuing to educate our community and visitors through workshops, digital campaigns, local/state/national/international presentations, cultural tourism, dancing and drumming, storytelling, Native games demonstrations, Boarding School Research, art projects and classes available to the public. ANHC’s curatorial expansion will include assistant curators and collections research.


Help sustain our inter-generational work from birth to Ancestor with the integral transfer of knowledge through community events, workshops, subsistence learning activities, language preservation and sharing, cultural youth ambassador and apprenticeship programs and more.


Our ANORA (Alaska Native Outreach and Relations in the Arts) conveys an appreciation for Alaska Native art and helps us work with artists who are seeking a way to make their art more financially sustainable and visible through Master Artist classes, business workshops and art sales opportunities in ANHC's Ch'k'iqadi Gallery and online storefront.


Fundraising for general facility upgrades and improvements for artifacts storage, landscape of the Hall of Cultures to include accurate history of Alaska Native people, Gathering Place expansions for larger community gatherings, immersive theater, innovation and explorations gallery, and general facility upgrades to regional cultural village sites around Lake Tiulana.

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