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Waqaa! Since time immemorial, an abundance of diverse Alaska Native languages have been spoken across the state, including twenty Alaska Native languages from four distinct language families. Our Elders and Culture Bearers have worked hard to document our languages to pass down for generations, and there are many resources available for those seeking to learn Alaska Native languages. 


Quyana, thank you to for allowing us to share many of the resources and information you’ll find on this page. We encourage you to check out their website to find additional resources and learn more about their incredible work and history. 



Alaska Native Languages Website: This website is an in-depth educational resource for learning, teaching and promoting Alaska Native languages. Explore the site in-depth to learn more about Alaska Native Languages, history, research, archives, resources, and learning opportunities. 

Check out the Languages section to learn more about specific languages and listen to some common phrases, and the Resources section for glossaries, learning guides, and multimedia materials for language learning. 

Alaska Native Language Center: The Alaska Native Language Center was established in 1972 as a center for research and documentation of the twenty Native languages of Alaska. The mission of the Alaska Native Language Center and Program is to cultivate and promote Alaska’s twenty Native languages. Their website features language learning resources as well as information about courses, certificates, and degree programs for the study of Alaska Native languages. 

Alaska Native Language Archive: The Alaska Native Language Archive houses documentation of the various Native languages of Alaska and helps to preserve and cultivate this unique heritage for future generations. Visit their website to learn more about utilizing the archive’s physical connection for language learning and research. 

Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council: The Alaska Native Language Preservation & Advisory Council provides recommendations and advice to both the Governor and Legislature on programs, policies, and projects; and to network and advocate in support of the Council’s mission. Check out their website to learn more about current initiatives as well as a list of classes and resources for learning Alaska Native languages sorted by region. 


Alaska Native Heritage Center: Follow us on Facebook for cultural information and Alaska Native language sharing!

Alaska Native Languages: An online community to perpetuate Alaska Native languages. Like their page to see a Word of the Day, research, community involvement, event invitations, and share updates on language programs including teaching and educational tips

Dena'ina Qunuhdulzex: Join this Facebook community for language information and conversation around Dena’ina cultural revitalization. 

Doyon Languages Online: Doyon Languages Online is developing and offering online language-learning lessons for the Alaska Native languages of the Doyon region. These lessons are easily accessible for free to all interested learners and teachers. Doyon Languages Online is accessible on all devices, including desktop and laptop computers, as well as on mobile devices using the Transparent Language app for Apple and Android. 

Apps & Keyboards: The Alaska Native Languages website has a large list of iPhone and Android apps that facilitate language learning for Alaska Native languages as well as keyboard installations so you can type in the proper alphabet on your phone. 

If you have a resource you’d like to include on this page or would like more information about language learning, please reach out to our team at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. 

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