Alaska Native woman holds traditionally woven basket in hands.

Barbara and Robert (Utuqsiq) Apangalook

Siberian Yupik artists Barbara and Robert (Utuqsiq) Apangalook

Barbara and Robert (Utuqsiq) Apangalook 

Cultural Affiliation:  Siberian Yupik

Barbara and Robert (Utuqsiq) Apangalook are Siberian Yupik artists, originally from the village of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island. They are mother and son artists, each with their own unique artistic styles, and both strongly tied to and inspired by their Siberian Yupik roots and heritage. Robert specializes in Ivory, Baleen and Whalebone carving and jewelry; and Barbara works with furs, hides, walrus stomachs and whiskers, beads, and more; she is known for her beautiful collections of jewelry, accessories, baskets, jewelry boxes and more.

Check out Robert’s amazing work here:

And check out Barbara’s incredible work here: