Alaska Native woman holds traditionally woven basket in hands.

Michelle Cika and Amy Sparck

Michelle Cika and Amy Sparck

Michelle Cika and Amy Sparck

Cultural Affiliation: Cup’ik Eskimo

ArXotica is a Cup’ik Eskimo triplet sister owned, Skincare company; with products inspired by, and made with, our wild harvested Alaskan tundra botanicals. Started out of our homelands of Southwest Alaska, ArXotica takes its name from a melding of the words: “Arctic” and “Exotic”. 
ArXotica harnesses the unparallelled properties of extreme environment flora to create a super status skin care line. Nourish your skin with Alaska’s most extraordinary ingredients, revealing the wonders of Arctic botanicals to give you new kind of TLC (Tundra Loving Care). 

You can gift an item from their amazing skincare line here: 

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