Alaska Native woman holds traditionally woven basket in hands.

Community Blog

In St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Ungipaghaghnaquukut means "we are going to tell stories."

Through our Ungipaghaghnaquukut Project, we invite members of the Alaska Native community to share their stories through poems, essays, photo-essays, and stories that speak to their authentic experiences.


My Summer Internship Experience

Working at the Heritage Center so far has been a great experience. I get to help out with the social media work, I get to personally meet with other interns interviewing… Read More

Uvaġnaġraq – Spring

by Rachel Forbes Goodall Uvaġnaġraq is a powerful season of the new year the sun shines high in the sky, the snow turns to ice, the color of the snow… Read More

Shreenyaa Spring

by Laura Wallis-John  During my childhood years in Alaska, I split my time between remote interior village of Fort Yukon and the city of Fairbanks. I got to experience the… Read More

Native Elders

A Poem by Janet Curtiss They keep clean what they haveThey clean their home with limited mobilityThey sleep on the couch while grown boys take their bed,still asleep in the… Read More