Alaska Native art displayed on the grounds outside.

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My Summer Internship Experience

Working at the Heritage Center so far has been a great experience. I get to help out with the social media work, I get to personally meet with other interns interviewing them and speak one on one with them and learn who they are and where they come from. I grew up in the village for about… Read More

A Place For All Alaska Natives

When the Alaska Native Heritage Center was formed in 1989, we were created with the vision of being a community and a place of healing for all Alaska Natives. ANHC’s vision is, “Thriving Alaska Native people and cultures are respected and valued.” We believe that modeling respect, love, and support for all of our people… Read More

Uvaġnaġraq – Spring

by Rachel Forbes Goodall Uvaġnaġraq is a powerful season of the new year the sun shines high in the sky, the snow turns to ice, the color of the snow is bright white. mazaġavakaa It is very sunny. Uvaġnaġraq brings with it seasonal birds. The qugruk swan, tatigzraq sandhill crane and the liġliq Canadian geese… Read More

Shreenyaa Spring

by Laura Wallis-John  During my childhood years in Alaska, I split my time between remote interior village of Fort Yukon and the city of Fairbanks. I got to experience the winters in the city and the summers in the village. A favorite memory of mine is emerging from the harsh, cold winters and taking in… Read More

Native Elders

A Poem by Janet Curtiss They keep clean what they haveThey clean their home with limited mobilityThey sleep on the couch while grown boys take their bed,still asleep in the late mornMother to all, loved by the lost and brokenwho stop by to drink tea, and chop their woodBroken down cupboards that hold an array… Read More

Quyakamsi Tagilghiisi!

(We welcome you, St. Lawrence Island Yupik) We are so excited to have opened the Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) for our Summer 2021 Programming! At ANHC, our mission is to preserve and strengthen the traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People through statewide collaboration, celebration, and education. One way we bring that mission to life is… Read More

ANHC AmeriCorps VISTA Opportunity!

Have you ever wanted to work with either the AmeriCorps program or the Alaska Native Heritage Center? NOW is your chance! We are so excited to announce that we are recruiting for TWO VISTA positions.  Both VISTA positions will help support our mission and promote healthy communities through cultural connection and programming. Check them out and apply… Read More

Canoe Lofting Workshop

You are invited to participate in an Indigenous-designed Canoe Lofting workshop with Elder and knowledge bearer Doug Modig from 1:30 pm – 3 pm April 13th – April 16th and April 26th – 30th.This is an opportunity to see how the lofting process for a strip canoe is practiced, how to build a frame and… Read More

ANHC Launches Free Program for Entrepreneurs & Creators

CO.STARTERS Core is a 10-week program for entrepreneurs and creators presented by the Alaska Native Heritage Center & Leadership Anchorage. Are you an entrepreneur? A small business owner? An artist? A creator? If you have an idea that is ready to be explored, or if you have already started your business and you’re searching for… Read More

Tatiana Ticknor Joins Emerging Leaders of Color Program

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is pleased to announce that Tatiana Ticknor  (Dena’ina, Lingit and Deg Hit’an), Unguwat Culture and Resilience Program Coordinator, has been selected to participate in WESTAF’s 2021 Emerging Leaders of Color Program.  WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) is a regional nonprofit arts service organization dedicated to strengthening the financial, organizational, and… Read More